Anthems: A Journey Around the World


Anthems: A Journey Around the World is a short film about Capri Everitt and her family.  It is a story of their journey "Around the World in 80 Anthems" where they travelled to 80 countries and Capri sang the national anthem of each country in the national language to raise money for orphaned and abandoned children through SOS Children's Villages.

About Capri:

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Capri Everitt, age 10, loved to sing and wanted to do something with her voice; something other than just entering talent competitions and auditioning for musicals.  She read a book called “The World Needs Your Kid” and decided that the world needed her help; specifically children living in poverty in other countries; children that did not have the same opportunities as she did.  

Her parents, Tom and Kerrie Everitt, came up with an idea that would change their lives and give Capri the chance to use her talent for something good: they would travel around the world to 80 countries where Capri would sing each country’s national anthem in the national language and the journey would be called "Around the World in 80 Anthems".  Their son Bowen, age 8, would have the important job of blogging to keep their supporters updated.  The purpose of the journey would be to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children, specifically through a charity called “SOS Children’s Villages”.

For more information about their journey, please see and their youtube channel at

Here is the original video that the Everitt's made when they first came up with the idea. 

about the director and producers:


STEPHANIE DIETER (Writer / Director / Producer) - 

Stephanie Dieter is an Austrian-Mexican, 25-time award-winning filmmaker. She is known for writing, directing and producing the multi-award winning shorts Bar Sinister (2014), Irreversible (2015) and Cinder Pumpkin (2016), available on DIRECT TV, Amazon Video and Shorts TV. In 2016, Dieter co-founded the Atlanta-based production company Tape Haus Cinema with actor, producer and creative partner Travis Daniel Brown. Her work has screened in more than 50 international film festivals including the Academy-Qualifying LA Shorts Fest, the International Family Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival among many others. When she’s not directing, Stephanie Dieter works as a Production Coordinator in Atlanta, Miami, Paris, Los Angeles and Mexico City.

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TRAVIS DANIEL BROWN (Writer / Producer) -

Travis Daniel Brown is an award-winning actor and producer from Charleston, South Carolina. He is a former Division 1 paintball player and former Division 2 PSP World Champion who went on to train and work as an actor for film and television in Los Angeles. He continues to do so in Atlanta, where he prepares to direct his first feature film in 2018.

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